Why Technology Is Harming Today’s Youth

Sean Lorden

Education 302

Dr. Lilly

January 30, 2017

How Technology is doing damage to America’s Youth

I honestly think I will have an easier time spending writing this paper than the previous one for how technology has been beneficial to me. I really appreciate technology, but at the same time I see it being abused so much. When you look around before a class starts or even just walking around somewhere in public almost everyone is on there phone. It’s taking away from physical interaction with people. I believe relationships have really taken a toll since technology because, while its still a relationship over text or social media it is not real. America’s youth is addicted to there phones. It really is sad to see, when I grew up I remember almost all of my childhood being spent playing outside. I would be playing almost every sport with friends and neighborhood kids being outside from almost dusk to dawn. Today, kids throw fits without there phones. I think they have grown up always having it and so now they can’t spend 10 minutes without it. They act if their phone is a person and freak out if they lose it or drop it. People today act different through social media and are not really themselves. today act different through social media and are not really themselves. You start to know those people through social media and rarely get to know them for themselves. Then comes the argument that has technology really made things easier? I am mixed I do think technology has made my life easier in some ways but at the same time much more complicated. Time was much simpler back in the 60’s and 70’s and people enjoyed simple. I think the simpler your life was the more you were genuinely happy. With technology it has made our life much more complex and we are always looking forward to new things and inventions rather than living in the present. People are missing out on actually living life when they are so attached to their phone’s. You could literally miss the love of your life walk right by you one day and instead you were staring down at your phone on snap chat living through someone else’s life. You could miss something amazing take place right in front of you. At every concert I go to you wouldn’t believe how many people hold up there phones the entire show to either take pictures or videotape, but they literally do this the entire show. They don’t really experience the music, maybe they want to relive it whenever they want or maybe they want to show friends but the point is that you aren’t getting as much as you can out of that experience. I think technology creates comfort zones as well and people are scared to break out of them and truly explore. Family’s are not as close as they used to be, it becomes rarer and rarer for typical families to sit around the dinner table and enjoy meals together. I remember reading a study that stated that the more you use technology the more depressed you become. Technology definitely has its benefits but don’t take advantage of them and misuse it because when that happens I feel like it is hard to really find happiness. You have to go out and explore and get outside. This past summer my brother and I  gave up our phone’s and pretty much all technology and we aren’t even frequent users but I have to say it was probably the happiest I’ve ever been. It really sets you free and you go out and explore. It’s always going to be here from this point on, so don’t constantly be using it like its always going to be the last time, start enjoying life.

Melina Sampaio Manfrinatti CC.